Fresh Tulsi (Holy Basil)


2 oz. of Fresh Tulsi (Holy Basil).  Ayurvedic adaptogenic herb that helps balance your adrenal system!  Can be used in cooking, salad dressings, or muddled in drinks, made into a tea!

For Tea: 

Rinse sprigs and steep 1-2 sprigs (leaves, stem, and blossoms) in 4 – 6 cups of just boiled water for 10-20 minutes.  You can strain it if you’d like, or just leave the sprig in, and enjoy!
Adaptogens work best if you use on a daily basis for at least several weeks.
Herbs come in paper bag.  Store herbs in fridge.  To dry herbs, keep in paper bag in fridge until dry, or hang in a dry, out of the sun place until dry (like your pantry).

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