1 Lb of Music Seed Garlic.  (weight may be up to .1 lbs over or under.)

Multiple Lbs ordered will be packed together unless specified in order notes.

What is seed garlic?   Seed garlic is extra large heads and cloves that you plant to get a clone of the garlic you plant.  Separate the cloves from each other, but leave the skins on, and plant 6-8 inches apart from one another 1-2 inches deep.  Plant with the flat end down and the pointy end up.  Garlic is most commonly planted in the fall in our region.  Planting in October or early November is ideal–before the ground freezes but when the cold is near.

Each head contains 6-7 cloves.

Music is a hardneck garlic variety that is flavorful and easy to peel in the kitchen.

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